Roadmaps to Building Equitable and Inclusive Research Experiences in STEMA focus on filters: An open discussion on how to make our programs more attractive, inclusive, and equitable for all students


Wed., Mar. 16, 2022 | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

High School, Adult - Beginner, Adult - Intermediate, Adult - Advanced


Dr. Joel K Abraham

Dr. Joel K Abraham

California State University, Fullerton

Joel K. Abraham is Professor of Biological Science and Director of the Catalyst Center for the Advancement of Research in Teaching and Learning Math and Science at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Abraham studies student conceptions in biology, computer-based instruction and assessment, and the development of competency in science and engineering practices. In his roles as the Director of the Catalyst Center, advisory board member for the CSUF McNair Scholars Program and Honors Program and Codon Learning, and co-PI on an NSF HSI grant to improve student retention and belonging in STEM, he works to increase opportunities and success for all students in STEM through research, teaching, and service. He currently serves as a monitoring editor for the journal Life Sciences Education and is a Fellow in the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE).

About the Roadmaps to Building Equitable and Inclusive Research Experiences in STEM Series

What can we do to create more equitable and inclusive STEM educational systems? This lecture series will feature speakers that have successfully run boots-on-the-ground institutional diversity initiatives. These leaders have strong records of advocacy and are employing innovative ideas to build anti-racist/anti-sexist programs, truly they are changing the system in support of a more diverse STEM workforce. With this lecture series we hope to provide action steps for those who have the power to define the systematic aspects of the STEM work environment (professors, administrators, supervisors), to give inspiration to students in STEM who are eager to see people in leadership positions making changes to the SYSTEM of STEM, and to show members of the public how organizational transformations can take place in support of a more diverse workforce.

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