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Plant Science

Plants are amazing and there is no better place to learn about them than at a museum dedicated to plants.

The Holden Arboretum provides exciting, hands-on programs for students, allowing first-hand interaction with nature. Expose your students to more than 3,500 acres of horticultural collections, forests, fields, ravines, streams, ponds and trails. Wildflowers, prairie grasses, water lilies, birds, chipmunks and turtles are easy to find. At the Arboretum, you can introduce, reinforce or expand upon your classroom lessons with one of our outdoor lessons.

Holden encourages students to take an active role in learning. Instead of lecturing, our guides lead hands-on investigations and discussions in a natural setting, encouraging students to discover, gather information, ask questions and begin to formulate answers. We want to stimulate curiosity and encourage observations.

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Learn more about our multi-year, multi-visit Growing Students in Science curriculum for grades 2 – 5.

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