PBS NewsHour features Holden Forests & Gardens and our partners’ urban reforestation work

Mon., Sep. 27, 2021

Holden Forests & Gardens was featured in PBS Newshour’s focus on the city of Cleveland’s tree canopy loss and efforts to combat it, entitled “Can urban reforestation help lower rising temperatures?” HF&G’s Director of Community Partnerships Sandra Albro, founding member of the Cleveland Tree Coalition, discusses our work and the goal of the Cleveland Tree Plan, which is to plant 300,000 new trees in the city within the next decade. HF&G’s community tree plantings and outreach programs, headed by HF&G Director of Community Forestry and Conservation Courtney Blashka, are also highlighted. If you haven’t joined the People for Trees movement yet, please take a moment now to pledge to plant a tree or donate to have a tree planted in a neighborhood in Cleveland.


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