All 2021 Hershey Children’s Garden planters have been claimed

A big Thank You to all the Garden Clubs that have chosen planters in the Hershey Children’s Garden this year!!!  We really appreciate you taking part in the program and we look forward to seaing the wonderful displays for this year!

Click here for planter information.

Even though there is winter weather outside our windows, spring is coming and with it, I am happy to announce that the Hershey Children’s Garden Planter Program is returning this year! We did not get the chance to use our theme of “Under the Sea” so we are bringing it back this year.  If you are interested in participating and want to learn more about the program, please click here to view a copy of the informational letter that was emailed out to you. We are still making safety our priority so for this year there have been changes to the planting day(s) that the letter explains.  

This year we are going virtual with our sign-ups for the HCG Planter Program!  There will be a link published on this Bulletin Board on April 15-29 with planter sign ups and will be updated regularly.  Please email Kristina Arthur, Hershey Children’s Garden Coordinator, at your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice after April 15. There are a limited number of planters and it is first come first serve. We hope you are interested in participating this year and look forward to seaing your planters in the garden!  

To quickly access this program information click the links below: HCG Planter Program letter:  Affiliate Garden Club Members Letter 2021.pdf

Instructions for participating: How to Participate HCG Planter Program 2021.pdf

Planter guidelines:  Planter Guidlines 2021.pdf

For questions about the HCG Planter Program, please contact Kristina Arthur at or 216.707.2825.

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