Green Corps Interns Talk with Jill

Fri., Jul. 30, 2021

By Margaret Cook, Communications Specialist

Our time with the Green Corps interns from Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) has come to an end. After six weeks, the program has taught the interns about various environmental-related topics and how they can apply them to their futures. Each week, the interns were given different opportunities to learn something new and get hands-on experiences with green jobs.

During their last week, the interns had the chance to have lunch with Jill Koski, CEO & President of Holden Forests & Gardens. They asked Jill about her career path and her experiences with Holden. Jill explained how she adores her job here because there is always something new every day. She gets to learn something different from the staff and the wonderful visitors that come to the campuses. Additionally, the interns introduced themselves by telling Jill about their plans for the future and what they have learned through the Green Corps program.

Jill asked, “What was surprising about the Green Corps program?”

The interns unanimously agreed that they were surprised most by how welcoming and supportive the staff was. Madison, Aashi, and Serenity explained how they were nervous to join the internship at first, but Cherise made them all feel comfortable and supported from day one.

As part of their internship, they each researched and presented a project to their friends, family, and Green Corps mentors. Here are a few photos from the presentation night.

Aashi, Serenity, and Madison completed the Green Corps Internship with passion, dedication, and admiration for the world around us. As Green Corps Ambassadors, they will continue to learn about the importance of living a sustainable life, green job opportunities, and bringing the knowledge from this internship into their own communities.

Margaret Cook

Communications Specialist


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