Green Corps: Community Based Experiences

Thu., Jul. 1, 2021

This week, the Green Corps interns from Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) went to new heights at Red Oak Camp in Kirtland, OH. In a thrilling tree climbing activity, they were strapped into a harness and had to pull themselves up the rope using their own strength and various arborists knots . One thing the interns unanimously agreed upon was how much fun they had once they were up there. They also learned that horticulturalists often use this tree climbing technique to prune or manage large trees. This method is safe and sustainable because it does not require the tree to be tampered with too much.

Interns Serenity Ortiz, Aashi Parikh and Madison Willoughby up in the trees with Green Corps Coordinator Cherise Kent.

After some exciting tree climbing, Cherise was so happy that the interns enjoyed their time and learned something new. Cherise said, “Today’s experience is key in helping the interns appreciate trees and nature and how to enjoy them safely. This was a great accompaniment to the research we did which taught us how climate change impacts trees and the ecosystems they’re in. I am happiest to see some of the interns go higher than they thought and connect enjoyment with nature.”

A special thank you to the Red Oak Camp Director, David Faulstich, who was gracious enough to lead us that day. All three interns had a blast!

Interns Serenity, Aashi and Madison enjoying the view at Red Oaks Camp in Kirtland, OH.
Thank you to Aidan Stibora and David Faulstich from Red Oak Camp for teaching the interns how to safely climb and have a good time!

On Monday, the interns had the opportunity to learn about the importance of water quality from environmental educator, Tom Masaveg. First, Tom tested the interns basic knowledge about watersheds and how we as humans can impact the functions of a watershed through our lifestyle choices. He continued to educate the interns about how water gives life and shapes our community and how keeping the watersheds clean and healthy leads to a clean and healthy ecosystem.

The interns, Aashi, Serenity, and Madison finding samples with Tom in the Doan Brook near Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Thank you Tom for sharing all your knowledge and skills!
Serenity found a frog in the Children’s Hershey Garden!

The interns had a great time searching in the Doan Brook for microorganisms as well as finding other critters like snails, fish, worms, frogs and so much more! They got to explore the balance required to sustain diverse populations of life. Knowing more about the state of the watershed we live in and how it is affected by humans, can empower people to actively participate in resolving some mistakes and reviving the bounty native to our region.


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