GLOW 2021 is in the works! Our theme this year is “Hearth and Home for the Holidays: the Botanicals we Use to Celebrate” (note: this is a working theme and the verbiage may be changed). 2021 Glow will feature how botanicals represented as food, plants, florals, and trees contribute to celebrating the holidays through home decor, games, food, toys etc.  In addition to the trees, wreaths, doors and table settings being available to decorate again, the mantels are back in the schema this year. The Affiliates will be able to choose if they want to decorate a tree, a wreath, a 30-36″ wide entrance door, a mantle or a table with centerpieces and table settings. Check the GLOW 2021 Decorating List click here to see what decorating opportunities are still available for your club to decorate. GLOW Guidelines click here provide you with further information on what you may do (or not do) w your decorating ideas. NOTE: there are quite a few changes this year with the new design to the GLOW show, so check those also.  For questions about GLOW 2021 or if your Affiliate Club is interested in participating, please contact Kevin Borowiak, GLOW Affiliate coordinator, at or 216-744-4866.

We hope that you will encourage your club to get involved and support this year’s new and exciting GLOW! And a BIG thank you in advance for participating by decorating!!

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