Garden Mornings and Early Light: An Insider’s Look at the Botanical Garden

Thu., May. 6, 2021

By Sabrina Kozsey, HF&G Gardener

By Sabrina Kozsey, HF&G Gardener

Although the Cleveland Botanical Garden opens in the late morning, everyone on the horticulture team starts at dawn. And these morning starts are my favorite here because of the breathtaking way the rising sun lights our flowers and plants. While I am getting the gardens ready for guests to enjoy, it seems every time I blink a new flower stops me dead in my tracks and insists, I take its picture! So, I am glad to be able to share with you some of the beautiful photos I have taken this spring here at the botanical garden.

Here is that gorgeous morning sunlight that I mentioned above. You can see the way it illuminates the daffodils and hellebores in our CK Pat and Restorative Gardens.
Sometimes some of our smaller flowers can get missed, like this grape hyacinth in our Restorative Garden, but they are in no way any less beautiful!

Even though many of the hyacinths are out of bloom now, you can see why they are my favorite spring flower. They make beautiful combinations with other spring flowers such as these white and yellow daffodils
Tulips are popping up all over and even though the blooms are relatively short lived, the colors are just stunning. CK Pat is a great garden to see a lot of our tulips blooming among daffodils and other spring flowers.
Pictured here is crown imperial, or Fritillaria imperialis, which can be seen in the Hershey Children’s Garden. What a unique looking plant!
The wisteria on our Terrace are currently in bloom and I love how they look with the white crabapple in the background
Here is one of our many beautiful flowering quince. This variety is Chaenomeles x superba ‘Cameo’ and can be found in our CK Pat Garden.
As much as I love color, I often find myself drawn to white flowers. This Japanese andromeda, or Pieris japonica, is growing along the Japanese Garden path.
This is one of my favorite photos I have taken here at CBG which includes the gray dogwood and a ‘Bloodgood’ Japanese maple. I love the combination of the red and white and the flow of the dogwood flowers reminds me of a winding river. Find these near the stone bridge next to the Japanese Garden.
And last but most certainly not least, here is a purple leaf sand cherry, or Prunus x cistena. You can find this cherry in the Hershey Children’s Garden. Take your time on a stroll through the gardens here at botanical garden, and I guarantee there will be something new and beautiful in bloom!
Sabrina Kozsey

Sabrina Kozsey

HF&G Gardener

Sabrina Kozsey is one of two CBG staff Gardeners, and that means she works in all our gardens including the biomes. Every new plant fascinates her, and every colleague or guest gets her smile, making her an excellent fit for this do-it-all assignment. Sabrina is here with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Policy and field experience as an environmental consultant and invasive plant technician. So, ask Sabrina about a plant when you visit, and expect to get that smile in return!


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