The re-envisioned Garden Holiday Show has a new theme this year: A Garden Holiday: Neighborhoods Aglow.  This is a working title and could be changed slightly. Theme definition:  Holidays in Cleveland are about coming together — as family, as friends, as community. In our neighborhoods we express our love of holiday tradition by transforming our surroundings for all to admire. We do this in light, with characters, with stories, with plants and trees. We do this in the places that mean the most to us — our homes, yards, and shared spaces — our blocks. And we do it in a way that only Clevelanders can—with love, laughs, and a little grit.  In A Garden Holiday: Neighborhoods Aglow, the Cleveland Botanical Garden celebrates its nearby neighbors through the historic character of the Cleveland Metro are communities. Each room and outdoor garden will pay a festive holiday homage to the beautiful blocks that knit neighborhoods, people, and plants together. 

There will be doors, trees, wreaths, and table settings that Affiliate Clubs may elect to decorate.  Specific locations TBD.  Design map will be shared when available. Some clubs have indicated what they are decorating, and a few have a theme already. If you have provided a theme already, continue to work with it.  Many basic questions can be answered by checking the Holiday Show Guidelines, which has been updated to reflect the changes made to this year’s show; please consult them for answers.  For questions or clarification please contact Kevin Borowiak at or (216) 744-4866.

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