Celebrating the Change of Seasons

Wed., Oct. 27, 2021

By Hilary Wright, Horticulturist

We are at the time of year when the days are short, the nights are cooler, and plant life is slowly succumbing to the change of the season. What are some things to do to enjoy this colorful and cooler season? Here are 12 fresh ideas to enjoy the new season!

1. Press colorful leaves and frame them

2. Gather newspaper, cardboard, and heavy books. Place plant material inside two layers of newspaper, place newspaper layers inside two pieces of cardboard, and pile all your heavy books on top of that. Another option is to use old phone books if available

3. Visit a park with meadows

Appreciate the fields with goldenrod, ironweed, New England Aster, and a variety of other meadow species.

4. Collect bird feathers

If you’re willing to try sun-printing like in the picture, give that a try with feathers and pressed plant material.

5. Collect seeds

Anything in the garden you want to share? Seeds make great gifts for other fellow gardeners. If you’re after wildflowers, make sure to ask permission from the landowner.

6. Put the garden to bed

Once frost hits, plants are quick to turn brown and look decidedly dead. Using hedge shears, cut what’s left in three parts and leave the plant matter in the garden. The plant material will add organic matter back to your soil.

7. Make a dried flower arrangement

Other plants that look striking dried: Queen of the prairie, Goldenrod, Grasses, Sea Holly, Hydrangea, Red twig dog wood
Place stones in the bottom of a container for stability.

8. Write a journal of the cascade of color changes in the leaves

If you do this every year for a few years, what changes do you notice? What is your favorite fall color tree?

9. Plant and transplant in the garden

10. Bring in your indoor plants if they are outside

Be sure and check if they’ve acquired pesky plant pests that can lead to their decline or infect other plants you may have left inside.

11. Make a dried flower wreath

12. Make a dried concoction of your favorite scents

Lavender & Thyme. Rosemary & Mint. Geranium & Rose.

Hilary Wright

Hilary Wright



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