24 Trees Removed From Blueberry Pond Area

Thu., Sep. 16, 2021

By Rick Anielski, Arborist

Recently here at Holden we had Independent Tree Service come in to remove 24 trees that were declining or already dead from the area around Blueberry Pond.  Though it was unfortunate we lost these trees, It was very important they were removed to maintain the safety of our guests and staff.  Here are several pictures I took of the work done.  The tree crews did an outstanding job on a very hot day.

85 foot lift in action topping out a group of 3 Poplars.
  A ponderosa pine on its way down.
The same tree safely on the ground.
Lift working the top.
The never ending job of clean up.
Pine in mid-fall.
Pine tree on the ground.
The whole tree going through the chipper.
Needing a little push to send it in the right direction.
Lift working on topping out a pine on the east side of Blueberry Pond.
A few on the ground ready for the chipper.
On the ground getting cut into manageable pieces.
Clean up.
Last one to drop.
Last stump to cut.
Rick Anielski

Rick Anielski



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