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Quercus glandulifera (Konara oak) 

Quercus glandulifera

Acoording to Klyn Nursery, “Native to Japan, Korea, and China, this oak is extremely rare in cultivation.  The shiny leaves have slight serrations on the edges and are a perfect background for the miniature mahogany acorns that can form singly but often in clusters of three in the fall. Of note is the fact that the new shoots are silky-haired, and the leaves are apple green on top and white beneath. Fall color is mixed green, orange, and red. This slow-growing oak can fit into a small garden or possibly even under utility lines for urban planting. We have not seen this tree over 25′ tall in Ohio. Situate in full sun with medium-dry soil.”  

[Photo: Quercus_Serrata3; Credit: KENPEI, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons] 


Site Selection: Beneath Powerlines

Value: Fall Color

Size: Medium

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