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The Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Holiday Show will showcase the same seasonal decorations that residents of Northeast Ohio have come to love year after year. The focus of this year’s show is about the warm hearth of the home and how we use plants to celebrate this magical time of the year.
We will again have 2 different sessions of gingerbread house displays. When signing up for a spot you will be asked to whether you would like to show your house during Session 1 or Session 2 of the exhibit. Dates and details are below.

Be sure to visit the Garden during your chosen session to see your house on display. All gingerbread house submissions will receive 2 general admission tickets to see the exhibit, valid through Sunday, January 2, 2022.

Holden Forests & Gardens Gift Card Prizes for 2021

Entries will be judged by the public therefore prizes will be announced at the end of each session.
1ST PLACE: $150 | 2ND PLACE: $100 | 3RD PLACE: $50

Important Dates & Deadlines

Entry Deadline: November 8


Drop Off: November 17, from 8am-noon
Display Dates: November 20-December 12
Pick Up: December 13, from 8am-noon


Drop Off: December 13 from 8am-noon
Display Dates: December 14-January 2
Pick Up: January 3, from 8am-noon

Guidelines & Liability

  • When signing up you must choose a session – #1 will be on display Nov. 20-Dec. 12 and #2 from Dec . 14-Jan. 2
  • There is a limited capacity for each session, so please only sign up if you plan to participate
  • House must be received on a flat base that is between 1/4” – 3/4” thick (preferably plywood)•The base should be painted, decorated to create a complementary scene, or covered with foil
  • The base for your house should be between 10”x 10” to 15”x 24”
  • Drop Off and Pick Up is at the entrance at 11030 East Blvd. between 8am-noon on the designated dates only
  • Houses not picked up by noon on their designated Pick Up date will be discarded
  • When dropping off your house, the Entry Form must be included
  • Holden Forests & Gardens does not guarantee the safety or security of entries and cannot be held responsible for damages incurred during exhibition

Holden Forests & Gardens reserves the right to:

  • Refuse any entry it deems inappropriate for display
  • Photograph and use images of any or all entries for purposes of promotion


For any questions please contact Jillian Slane at

Please print and return this form when you drop off your gingerbread house

Must be dropped off with entry

Gingerbread House Entries Are Closed for A Garden Holiday 2021

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