Awaken your garden for the spring season or get out and explore the natural world with some resources carefully compiled by our experts at Holden Forests & Gardens. They are perfect for extracurricular learning, spending a rainy day, or giving some background before a trip to Cleveland Botanical Garden or Holden Arboretum.

Tree Selection Guide

A guide to selecting the perfect tree

We’re aiming to plant and care for 15,000 new trees in Northeast Ohio by 2025—but we need your help. Take the pledge to plant a tree in your community and use our Tree Selection Guide to help choose the perfect tree for your planting location. Then check out our article on Tree Planting to give your tree the best start in life.

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Observing Local Nature

Get to know your neighborhood plants and trees with fun family activities

Learn all about the connections between plant and animal life cycles through the seasons, also known as phenology. From red maple and cherry trees to forsythia and daffodils to bumblebees and moths, learn to identify these plants and creatures with engaging activities that take you out of the classroom and into the natural world.


Starting & Sowing Seeds

A guide to sowing your home garden from seed

It’s the time of year to start thinking about your home garden design and start sowing some seeds. Check out our article on sowing seeds for a beginner’s how-to on growing and planting your spring & summer seedlings

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Landscaping for Biodiversity in Ohio

Biodiversity encompasses the variety of life and connectedness among species. Incorporating native plants into the landscape provides natural beauty and enhances beneficial interactions by creating habitat, food, nest sites, pollen and nectar sources for various wildlife including pollinators and birds. Our native plants are best adapted to local environments. These adaptations allow plants to have significant impact on local ecosystem services.

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