Golden Hour: Wine & Butterflies

Spend time in one of the arboretum’s most beautiful gardens during golden hour. Enjoy wine tasting, food tastings and live music!

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Wednesday, August 23rd

Spend time in one of the arboretum’s most beautiful gardens during golden hour. Enjoy wine tasting and food stations, while listening to local band, The Goldsberrys, a four-part vocal harmony group playing, banjo, guitar, fiddle and bass.

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Wine tastings

Banshee sparkling brut
CSW riesling
Dreaming tree rose
Decoy sparkling
Clean slate riesling
Banshee pinot noir
Ferrari carrano siena red
Z alexander brown sauv blanc
Cline sauv blanc
Cline chardonnay
Cline av zin
Benziger chardonnay

Bully hill sweet walter white
Bully hill sweet walter strawberry
Bully hill sweet walter peach
Root 1 sauv blanc
Ferrari carrano fume blanc
Imagery chardonnay
Decoy chardonnay
Villa maria sauv blanc
Coppola diamond cab
Coppolo diamond chardonnay
Three finger zack zinfandel

Food Stations

Crudite Cups (vg) – Assorted seasonal veggies with house hummas + herb oil

Cheese + Fruit Cups – Assorted local artisan cheese with mixed berries, grapes + crisps

Firecracker Noodle Party Jar – Rice noodles, seasonal vegetable, sesame seeds

The Maggie Flatbread – Whole milk mozzarella, organic tomatoes, herb oil

Smoked Chicken Flatbread – BBQ onions, Adams reserve cheedar, fresh herbs

Wood Roasted Chicken Pita – Sumac pickled carrot, hummus, zhug

Beet Falafel Pita – Napa slaw, za’taar, humus, zhug

Chunky Cookies – Ginger Spice or Triple Chocolate Sea Salt

Specialty Bars – Vegan + Gluten Free Cherry Brownie

Tartlets – Key Lime or Vanilla Cheesecake with Berries

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