Arboretum Action Camps

Arboretum Action Camps include STEM-based challenges inspired by this year's traveling Nature Connects exhibition, primitive fishing, and touring the tree canopy from the Emergent Tower and Canopy Walk!

Session 1: July 10-14, 9am-3pm (ages 7-9)
Session 2: July 17-21, 9am-3pm (ages 8-10)
Session 3: July 24-28, 9am-3pm (ages 9-11)
Session 4: July 31-Aug. 4, 9am-3pm (ages 12-13)

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Your child is invited to experience the bounty of Ohio temperate forests through group excursions and cooperative games that will empower campers to become young advocates for plants and trees. All Arboretum Action campers will enjoy opportunities like STEM-based challenges inspired by this year’s traveling Nature Connects exhibition, primitive fishing, and touring the tree canopy from 65 feet above the forest floor!

All Arboretum Action camps are centered around building the capacity to make and achieve active goals.

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Early Action-Adventure Camp

July 10-14 from 9am-3pm

For ages 7-9

Early Action-Adventure campers focus on empathy and conquering forest phobias by discovering habitats and handling animals.

$325 per member $375 per nonmember


Intermediate Action-Adventure Camp

July 17-21 from 9am-3pm

For ages 8-10

Intermediate Action-Adventure campers focus on emulating animal adaptations by playing games like camouflaged hide and seek.

$325 per member $375 per nonmember


Expert Action-Adventure Camp

July 24-28 from 9am-3pm

For ages 9-11

Expert Action-Adventure campers focus on improvisational strategy during survival scenarios that strengthen confidence and wilderness skills.

$325 per member $375 per nonmember


Action-Challenge Camp

July 31-August 4 from 9am-3pm

For ages 12-13

Action-Challenge Camp is for older campers who love the daytime adventures we offer and feel prepared to join us for an overnight experience with our neighbors at Red Oak Camp!

$375 per member, $425 per nonmember



For additional questions or concerns, please email

The arboretum campus spreads over greater distance that tire out small children quickly. We’re considering adding camps next year based on demand which would require caregiver accompaniment and create opportunities for strollers or alternative activities for those who prefer not to travel from site to site on hot or rainy days at the arboretum. Please reach out with suggestions or feedback to help us plan for next year!

Cabins at Red Oak are historically divided by gender and managed by Red Oak staff, who campers are acquainted with during day camp prior to their overnight stay. HFG staff is also on site to offer support as needed. Special accommodations will be considered individually upon the request of the camper’s guardian. Guardians are asked to discuss their camper’s comfort level and communicate their needs as they agree or opt out of activities by completing the Red Oak Camp waiver.

Experiential programs held outdoors always involve certain risks which are reflected in our waiver forms. Our trained staff is taking every precaution to protect the safety and well-being of HFG campers while offering healthy experiences.

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