Mission Botanica

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Mission Botanica will be featured at the Holden Arboretum from June 11th-September 5th, 2022.

Climb, leap, hang, and fly through the green and mysterious world of a unique maze with Mission Botanica.

This June, you’re invited to explore the vast biodiversity in a bilingual, family-friendly adventure maze, that will feature highlighted plants and trees from the arboretum’s collection. 

Discover how even the plants we consider weeds play a critical role in the survival of all life on the plant with Mission Botanica. Embark on your journey by completing question-and-answer challenges that let you choose your own path through the winding maze. Along the way, explore the unbelievable traits of plants and the animal friends that support them. Interwoven in the stories shared within the maze is the urgent message that biodiversity is shrinking, and many plant species are disappearing before we’ve had a chance to find and learn about their unique roles in their ecosystems. Before ending your adventure, take a pledge to support the amazing flora you’ve just met by promoting biodiversity with your everyday actions. 

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*Mission Botanica is included with general admission.

Working service animals for our guests with disabilities are allowed, but other animals and pets are not.


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