Spring at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Experience spring in all its beauty at Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Enjoy a captivating way to enjoy the great outdoors and get in touch with nature. The gardens are awakening in the new season, and you will not want to miss it!

Things to do @ Cleveland Botanical Garden this Spring

Ron and Lydia Harrington Perennial Playspace

The Ron and Lydia Harrington Perennial Playspace will open to the public on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The Cleveland Botanical Garden opens a new permanent exhibit for the kids (in all of us). Using the plants and trees native to Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland Botanical Garden glasshouses as a jumping-off point, the new gallery will celebrate the importance and variation of plants both locally and around the world. The gallery is hands-on, open-ended, multisensory, and multi-modal. While the target audience is families and groups with children, the whimsical yet organic aesthetics are inviting and sophisticated so that even adults can enjoy and appreciate the space.

Return of the butterflies

Friday, April 1st2022 you will be greeted with a stunning array of nearly 10 species of butterfly in the Costa Rica Glasshouse. To celebrate the arrival of spring in a big way, Holden Forests & Gardens presents Return of the Butterflies at the Cleveland Botanical Garden – a visual treat with more than 600 newly emerged butterflies in the Costa Rica biome. The butterflies in the Costa Rica biome will bring the Glasshouse to life—amazing, colorful, moving, exhilarating life and you’ll see them actively searching for nectar as food sources, flying around.

Our Glasshouses

Visit our Madagascar Spiny Desert Biome or “the eighth continent of the world” without leaving greater Cleveland. We’re home to a world-class collection of exotic plants and animals, including iconic “upside-down” trees, yellow-throated plated lizards, and three radiated tortoises. Additionally, experience the year-round exuberance you can only find in a Central American cloud forest in our Costa Rica Biome. Our towering trees, ever-blooming shrubs, and rich vegetation lend a lovely, tropical retreat to all who visit. Come indulge your senses, at the Cleveland Botanical Garden Glasshouses.  


Whether you’re a budding plant-lover or deep-rooted botanist, our beautiful campus has something for everyone. In late March and early April, visit our gardens to spot the first sights of spring! Look for blooming snowdrops, witch-hazels, lenten rose, spicebush, and more. Catch the first glimpse of blooming spring bulbs on the Geis Terrace. Let your love of nature draw you to the Japanese Garden where every detail matters. Take refuge among towering trees and enjoy a brief escape from our bustling city in our Woodland Garden. Head to the Western Reserve Herb Society Garden where there are over 3,500 plants, a collection used for dyes, historic roses, culinary needs, and medicinal remedies, just to name a few. Additionally, don’t forget to stroll through our Gateway Garden, Perennial Garden, Restorative Garden, Inspiration Gardens, Rose Garden, and Topiary Garden on your visit.


The Hershey Children’s Garden will be open to the public on April 16th, 2022. Help your child disconnect from technology and discover the wonders of nature. As they explore plant and animal life, they’ll have a new appreciation for the environment. They can become immersed in hands-on activities like observing honeybees in their hive, searching for fish, frogs, and turtles in the pond, exploring and playing in nature’s playground, and so much more!


Our carefully curated collection features original, one-of-a-kind, and locally made gifts and garden goods that reflect the spring season—and that you won’t find anywhere else. Our friendly staff is always eager to help you find the perfect item, whether you’re looking for yourself, or a loved one. Every purchase supports Holden Forests & Gardens in our mission to connect people with the wonder, beauty, and value of trees and plants, to inspire action for healthy communities.

Artwork on Display

Lea Gray

See her work on display from March 19th– May 1st in the Eppig Gallery. Columbus artist Lea Gray explores the captivating aesthetics of botanicals through papercraft to better understand the beauty of the natural world. Through thoughtful selection of materials and experimentation with various techniques from gathering real branches to dying and baking papers, she captures the essence of the plants that inspire her. Lea creates this unique artwork to remind us to delight in nature’s offerings, both big and small.

Emily Katzin

From March 19th– June 26th, artwork from Emily Katzin will be on display in the Perennial Playspace. Cleveland-based artist Emily Katzin brings attention to sustainability issues related to waste and local ecology through her plant-inspired collages. In this series, Emily used plant materials to construct insects and animals, oftentimes presenting invasive animals assembled from invasive plant materials.

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