Garden Guide Smartphone Tours

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At Cleveland Botanical Garden

Garden Guide Smartphone Tours

Our mobile education tool offers thought-provoking, self-guided tours at both campuses. Each is equipped with videos, audio clips, useful resources, and more. Tours change seasonally, so be sure to visit often.

Don’t want to wait until your next visit to learn something new about the awesome and beautiful world of plants and trees? Or is the tour you’re interested no longer on display? Scan the QR code below or Use this link to access our Guide by Cell program from anywhere, anytime!

Forests around the World

A forest is more than just a large area dominated by trees. It is a dynamic, natural system that supports and is supported by many other plants, animals, fungal networks, bacteria and people. A healthy forest provides the worldwide community with so much more than we could ever imagine, from food and shelter to global economic commodities. With threats to forests rising, such as deforestation and climate change, we must advocate and preserve our forests for future generations.

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Rose Garden

A habitat is where animals find food and build their homes. They need homes for the same reasons we do – homes keep us dry, safe, and warm. Animals have different habitats, depending on their needs. Start across from the Wildflower Garden entrance and follow the path past the Habitat Hut and onto the Woodland Trail to see how different animals in Northeast Ohio make their habitat a home.

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Listen and Learn Audio Tours

Explore the interesting features in the gardens and discover something new with Listen & Learn, your personal audio tour guide at Holden Forests and Gardens. Simply call in with the provided number (440.710.5096), dial the prompt number and press the pound (#) key.

Individual Listen & Learn prompts are marked by bright green signs. These prompts cover a myriad of topics, from horticulture to history. Themed audio tours are also available. Tours and Listen & Learns change seasonally, so be sure to visit often to try out each tour.

Handmaking with Herbs

Crafting and “Do-it-yourself” projects are challenging, fun and enlightening. Plants, like herbs found here in the Western Reserve Herb Society Garden, can be the perfect medium for your next creative project!

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